I was born in a musician family, my father is a well known musician (Balázs Kakuk).  Since I was six I have been playing the cello, piano and drums. Since I played on musical instruments I have been interested in building and restoring them.

My masters:
Gabor Kilyenfalvi (2007, Sankt Pölten, Austria)
Barnabas Racz (2007- 2010, Gödöllő, Hungary)

After I finished the school, I learned and worked more at:
Benedict G. Puglisi (2010, Melbourne, Australia, Atelier Puglisi)
Wilfried Ramsaier (2011, Vienna, Austria, Musikverein's workshop)

After finishing my studies I moved back to Hungary to organize my own workshop and team. Since I worked here, I have had many masterpieces from all around the world. I guarantee a high quality of work with care and prudent style.


Domonkos Gellért